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Blouse Designs 2022: Lantern Sleeves

We will begin our review of trends from the most popular and demanded blouse model, in which the emphasis is on the sleeves – voluminous and puffy.

The hit of the warm season will be fashion blouses 2022 with sleeves-lanterns, which look very pompous and flirty. You can wear blouses with puffy sleeves paired with a slip skirt, loose shorts or jeans.

Cropped Blouses

Women’s blouse designs 2022 have been replenished with a novelty of the season in a cropped cut, which looks very cool with voluminous sleeves and, in particular, with sleeves-lanterns. It is important to remember that such a short blouse emphasizes the waist. So this style will suit girls with an exceptional figure.

Some types of short blouses are quite open and can be too shortened, which looks more like a top. But there are also interesting options with ties on the tummy, which partially reveals the belly. Each model is original in its own way and deserves your attention.